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Li-ion Tamer can help prevent Lithium-Ion Battery Fires



Lithium-ion battery fires are on the rise and continue to challenge firefighters around the world. But what if we had technology that could warn us before a battery ignites? In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we revealed to the general public that type of technology does exist. And it’s been around for some time, it’s just .. no one outside of the industry knows about it.

It’s called Li-ion Tamer, a plug-and-play rack system by Honeywell that detects off-gassing preceding thermal runaway battery failures. The end result is a fire which is extremely difficult to extinguish.

Image Matrix Tech explains Li-ion Tamer on Sky News Australia Weekend Edition

As I explain in the segment, Li-ion Tamer provides up to 20 minutes warning that a battery is about to fail. This gives the operator of a large battery array the chance to intervene and prevent disaster.

This system is designed for large business operations but there is no reason why Li-ion Tamer, now up to Gen 3, can’t be applied to domestic situations in the near future.

Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries power most of our modern products but when they fail they are destructive and deadly. So it’s my hope that Li-ion Tamer can expand its reach to help protect all of us soon.

Image Matrix Tech will be looking in-depth into this technology later this week. Keep an eye on our socials for details.

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