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New Withings ScanWatch Nova is Stylish and Smart



The problem with many smartwatches is … they look like smartwatches. The ScanWatch Nova is different. It’s not the first smart/health watch that Withings has made with classic looks but it’s certainly the latest and greatest.

Underneath that metal housing, ScanWatch Nova tracks advanced health metrics and activity including on-demand electrocardiogram, SpO2, 24/7 body temperature and in-depth sleep analysis. 

“ScanWatch Nova makes continuous measurements autonomous and effortless with an extraordinary 30-day battery life,” said tienne Trégaro, Product Manager at Withings.

“The splendid timepiece imperceptibly embeds a powerful health scan, with all the cutting-edge innovations to enhance your health, wrapped in a stylish aesthetic inspired by the timeless tradition of diver-style watchmaking”. 

ScanWatch Nova is inspired by the diver-style watchmaking


  • On-demand medical-grade electrocardiogram: Detect potential heart anomalies at any time such as atrial fibrillation, one of the most prevalent forms of arrhythmias characterised by irregular heart rhythms. Nearly 2 million signs of AFib have been identified on  ScanWatch since 2020. By simply touching the bezel, users can launch an ECG reading with live results on the Withings app in just 30 seconds. 
  • Indication of onset of an illness: Track baseline fluctuations of day and night body temperature which may indicate the onset of an illness or other health conditions. Its revolutionary TempTech24/7 module technology combines miniaturised heat flux sensors (measuring energy transit) with a high-accuracy temperature sensor (measuring ambient & skin temperature), alongside heart rate and accelerometer input calibrations to deliver best-in-class body temperature variation assessment.  
  • Respiratory system assessment: Track on-demand blood oxygen (SpO2) and overnight breathing disturbances. Good blood oxygenation is necessary for optimal muscle function. 
  • Advanced sleep metrics: Wake up to a Sleep Quality Score and explore advanced sleep metrics (phases, depth, duration, interruptions) which can help improve your sleep. 
  • Seamless tracking during physical activity: Track parameters such as steps, calories, elevation, workout routes (via in-app connected GPS) and the automatic recognition of 40+ activities.
  • Leading-edge technology: Utilising MultiWave PPG sensors and HealthSenseTM – Withings’ proprietary operating system, ScanWatch Nova can track advanced cardiovascular vitals including heart rate, heart rate variability, and ECG. It also measures SpO2, and breathing disturbances and tracks sleep patterns.  
  • Intuitive connection to the Withings app: The Withings app allows users to customise the screen and the information they can see on the watch display such as the heart rate variability3, the number of steps taken, the variation of the baseline body temperature, activities and much more. To take things to the next level, a long press on the dial can launch your preferred feature and its ‘quick look option’ activates the watch display with a lift of the wrist. Through the app, users can also receive personalised insights, trends, and recommendations to improve their health journey.
ScanWatch Nova comes in blue, black or green


ScanWatch 2 and ScanWatch Light will be available in Australia at JB Hi-Fi and from Monday 8 January 2024. ScanWatch Nova will be available from late January.

ScanWatch Nova will be priced at $799.99 AUD and comes in blue, black and green, with an Oyster metal wristband and FKM wristband which users can easily swap to suit the occasion. 

ScanWatch 2 (38 & 42 mm) will be priced at $699 AUD with a Silver Black (42mm), silver white (38mm), silver black (38mm) and Rose Gold sand face (38mm) and later on with a Silver white face (42mm) and Rose Gold blue face (38mm). 

ScanWatch Light, sized 37mm, will be priced at $479 AUD with a silver black, silver white and rose gold sand face and later on with a light blue and light green face. Each model features an OLED grayscale display and are available with optional coloured wristbands. 

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