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New Withings ScanWatch Nova is Stylish and Smart



The problem with many smartwatches is … they look like smartwatches. The ScanWatch Nova is different. It’s not the first smart/health watch that Withings has made with classic looks but it’s certainly the latest and greatest.

Underneath that metal housing, ScanWatch Nova tracks advanced health metrics and activity including on-demand electrocardiogram, SpO2, 24/7 body temperature and in-depth sleep analysis. 

“ScanWatch Nova makes continuous measurements autonomous and effortless with an extraordinary 30-day battery life,” said tienne Trégaro, Product Manager at Withings.

“The splendid timepiece imperceptibly embeds a powerful health scan, with all the cutting-edge innovations to enhance your health, wrapped in a stylish aesthetic inspired by the timeless tradition of diver-style watchmaking”. 

ScanWatch Nova is inspired by the diver-style watchmaking


  • On-demand medical-grade electrocardiogram: Detect potential heart anomalies at any time such as atrial fibrillation, one of the most prevalent forms of arrhythmias characterised by irregular heart rhythms. Nearly 2 million signs of AFib have been identified on  ScanWatch since 2020. By simply touching the bezel, users can launch an ECG reading with live results on the Withings app in just 30 seconds. 
  • Indication of onset of an illness: Track baseline fluctuations of day and night body temperature which may indicate the onset of an illness or other health conditions. Its revolutionary TempTech24/7 module technology combines miniaturised heat flux sensors (measuring energy transit) with a high-accuracy temperature sensor (measuring ambient & skin temperature), alongside heart rate and accelerometer input calibrations to deliver best-in-class body temperature variation assessment.  
  • Respiratory system assessment: Track on-demand blood oxygen (SpO2) and overnight breathing disturbances. Good blood oxygenation is necessary for optimal muscle function. 
  • Advanced sleep metrics: Wake up to a Sleep Quality Score and explore advanced sleep metrics (phases, depth, duration, interruptions) which can help improve your sleep. 
  • Seamless tracking during physical activity: Track parameters such as steps, calories, elevation, workout routes (via in-app connected GPS) and the automatic recognition of 40+ activities.
  • Leading-edge technology: Utilising MultiWave PPG sensors and HealthSenseTM – Withings’ proprietary operating system, ScanWatch Nova can track advanced cardiovascular vitals including heart rate, heart rate variability, and ECG. It also measures SpO2, and breathing disturbances and tracks sleep patterns.  
  • Intuitive connection to the Withings app: The Withings app allows users to customise the screen and the information they can see on the watch display such as the heart rate variability3, the number of steps taken, the variation of the baseline body temperature, activities and much more. To take things to the next level, a long press on the dial can launch your preferred feature and its ‘quick look option’ activates the watch display with a lift of the wrist. Through the app, users can also receive personalised insights, trends, and recommendations to improve their health journey.
ScanWatch Nova comes in blue, black or green


ScanWatch 2 and ScanWatch Light will be available in Australia at JB Hi-Fi and from Monday 8 January 2024. ScanWatch Nova will be available from late January.

ScanWatch Nova will be priced at $799.99 AUD and comes in blue, black and green, with an Oyster metal wristband and FKM wristband which users can easily swap to suit the occasion. 

ScanWatch 2 (38 & 42 mm) will be priced at $699 AUD with a Silver Black (42mm), silver white (38mm), silver black (38mm) and Rose Gold sand face (38mm) and later on with a Silver white face (42mm) and Rose Gold blue face (38mm). 

ScanWatch Light, sized 37mm, will be priced at $479 AUD with a silver black, silver white and rose gold sand face and later on with a light blue and light green face. Each model features an OLED grayscale display and are available with optional coloured wristbands. 

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Cyber Safety

Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Telstra releases 5 Years of 5G EME testing



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we took at Telstra’s release of five years of real-world testing data on 5G safety. Electromagnetic energy levels were found to be around 1000 times below the safety limits. Telstra tested 5G in real world settings where consumers are using it every day, such as in cafes, shopping precincts, sports fields, schools, CBDs, residential streets, as well as inside homes and apartments. Testing also included EME (Electromagnetic Energy levels) measurements across a number of distances – for example, from directly opposite a 5G site, to measurements in the next suburb, and also testing while running the 5G network at high capacity. Overall, throughout testing, 5G EME levels (under high capacity) are similar to those produced by the existing 3G and 4G technology. However, 5G is far more efficient, providing faster connections and greater capacity at these similar EME levels.

Finding 1: 5G EME levels 1000 times below safety limits

Finding 2: 5G EME levels are similar to 3G and 4G (but 5G is also more efficient)


Instagram has enhanced its blocking feature. Now, when you block someone, you’ll have the option to block other accounts they may already have, making it more difficult for them to interact with you again on Instagram. Many bullies or trolls create multiple accounts so this is an attempt to stamp that out.

There are also improvements to Hidden Words to protect people from seeing scammy message requests or offensive stories replies.

Expanded use of nudges to encourage more people to pause and reflect before they say something that could be hurtful in comments or message requests.


Eventually robots will be able to watch a human do a task – repeat it – with no coding knowledge required.

Ally Robotics is rapidly making a name for itself in robotics. By making the programming task simple – no coding – it opens the door for any business to use robots. It’s starting with the food/service industry. An industry struggling with labour. The robot arm can wear different skins to suit the job. A recent survey for Nala Robotics found up to 58% of Americans have either eaten food prepared by a robot or would be willing to do so.

Robots are improving by the day. Cassie was invented at the Oregon State University College of Engineering and produced by Agility Robotics. Cassie set a Guinness World Record for the fastest 100 metre by a bipedal robot.

An impressive 24.73 seconds.

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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: First look at powerful Dyson gen5detect



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we gave our audience a first look at Dyson’s new Gen5detect. It’s Dyson’s first cordless vacuum to feature the next-generation motor, spinning at up to 135,000 RPM but it’s also a fully sealed system – and that’s important for our lungs. The machine features a fully sealed, whole-machine HEPA filtration system, engineered to capture 99.99% of particles down to 0.1 microns. 

The Gen5detect delivers 262 air watts of suction which beats most cheap plug-in vacuums. Dyson has replaced the laser cleaning head with a new LED beam for increased brightness and range – revealing twice the amount of microscopic dust – so you can see exactly where to clean. Many vacuums have HEPA filters but because they leak air BEFORE getting to the filter, they are absolutely useless. In fact, they do more harm than good. When it comes to vacuums – you get what you pay for. So when it comes to replacing plug-in vacuums, I think we are already there with this model. 


A few months ago I showed you DALL-E 2. You type anything you want to see and the DALL-E 2 would create it.  Photo-real art from text .. just incredible. Until a couple of weeks ago you had to apply to use it but that’s all changed. Microsoft announced that DALL-E 2 will be part of Microsoft Designer and soon Bing and Microsoft Edge. AI image generators have exploded in popularity and even the least-creative person will be able to make something stunning with Microsoft Designer.

When it comes to hardware made for Windows 11 we saw several new devices.

·       Surface Pro 9 (starting at AUD$1,649) features enhanced camera and audio features, longer battery life and Surface Pro Signature Keyboards in new colours, Sapphire and Forest.

·       Surface Laptop 5 (starting at AUD$1,699) is equipped with exceptional picture quality, cinematic sound and enhanced camera experiences, powered by new Windows 11 interactive features. It also comes in a variety of colours great for personalisation: Platinum, Matte Black, Sandstone, and (new this year) Sage.

·       Surface Studio 2+ (starting at AUD$7,279)introduces the latest generation of our ultimate studio, with up to 50% faster speed, improved graphics and a sleek, modern finish.

·       Microsoft Adaptive Accessories are designed to work together and empower people who have difficulty using a traditional mouse and keyboard.

·       Microsoft Audio Dock ($249.99 MSRP) features Omisonic speakers and noise-reducing microphones to improve sound and clarity during your meetings.

·       Microsoft Presenter+ ($79.99 MSRP) is the first Microsoft Teams-certified presentation control, allowing you to advance slides, mute/unmute, join meetings and raise your hand.

·       Devices are available for pre-order now and available in select markets beginning October 25.

New creator tools in Microsoft 365, Microsoft Edge and Bing

·       In preview, Microsoft Designer is a free graphic design app that helps you create stunning designs and graphics. Designer will generate unique-to-you designs and offer personalised recommendations through cutting-edge AI from Microsoft and integrates image-generating AI from DALL-E 2.

·       Microsoft Create is a free one-stop-shop website for getting you started with creating videos, graphic designs, documents, presentations and more with templates and tips.

·       Clipchamp video editing officially joins the Microsoft 365 family.

·       Shopping in Microsoft Edge sidebar uses AI to analyse product information to making shopping easier.

·       In preview, Image creator in Bing allows you to create original images leveraging DALL-E 2.

Apple Integrations in Windows 11

·       Microsoft is introducing new Apple integrations in Windows 11. Through a new integration with iCloud and the Photos app in Windows 11, you will soon be able to access your iPhone photos and videos on your Windows devices. Apple Music and the Apple TV app are available on Xbox consoles and will launch on Windows next year.


If you want to upgrade your iPhone each year – invest in a screen protector like these from ZAGG. The better your phone’s condition, the more you’ll save on trade-in. You can save up to $1105 dollars if you trade-in last year’s 13 Pro Max as long as it’s in good condition. As we said a couple weeks ago, the new iPhones are tougher than ever but they still breakable.

Screen protectors have improved dramatically since the early days. They no longer interfere with touch sensitivity or image clarity. And .. they are easy to apply. No more air pockets! You can even cut sheets for other devices like back of cameras. ZAGG has a great template maker for different types of screens.

When you combine the latest screen protector with the latest case, you’ll be in a great position to get maximum trade-in value.

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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Drone Exclusive Behind-the-scenes at Wing



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we took an exclusive sneak peek behind-the-scenes of Wing’s drone delivery operation ahead of this week’s mini documentary on Image Matrix Tech. A new American survey shows growing public support for deliveries by drone but it’s in Australia where real-world trials are leading the way. I’m the first outsider to gain access to shoot behind-the-scenes with Wing Aviation HQ in Canberra. This world exclusive access documents the whole process from start to finish. I Interviewed Wing, the partners making the coffee/food and the customers in the suburbs.

Come back Wednesday to see the full doco.


Why do you need a pet grooming tool on a vacuum cleaner? Pet hair can carry pollen and other allergens all around your home. Dyson’s research revealed that 1 in 2 pet owners allow their pets to sleep on their beds. Yet, two thirds of Aussie pet owners are unaware that viruses and house mite faeces can reside on their pets.  Now, the Dyson Groom tool, engineered to remove your dog’s loose hairs, pet dander and microscopic skin flakes is compatible with Dyson’s cordless vacuum sticks. Attaching to the main body of the machine or via an extension hose the tool has 364 bristles angled at 35°.

But this won’t work on all pets. They need to be OK with the vacuum cleaner and the grooming tool.  It’s now available from Dyson.


If you’re struggling to see your tony laptop screen or getting a bad back from leaning over to type, try using a TV as your computer screen. Big monitors let you see more of programs, so you’re not flicking between windows. In this segment I look at a couple great examples. The LG’s C2 42 inch OLED makes a superb TV computer monitor. I have it mounted on a heavy duty swing arm. This is the model here.  

For next level insanity, I’ve been using the Samsung 75 inch QN900A Neo QLED 8K TV. I have this placed on a stand with castors. But keep in mind you need to know what your computer is capable of outputting via HDMI. And don’t use just any TV as most cheaper 4K units have poor colour and performance capabilities.

Also, when it comes to on-the-road, nothing beats espresso Displays. Great Aussie company doing amazing things in the monitor space.

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