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Next Big Thing! Circle to Search Now on Pixel 8 After S24 Debut



One of the coolest user experiences I’ve ever had on a smartphone is Circle to Search. I first tried it on the S24 Ultra and now you can use it on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.

I have no doubt as Samsung’s S24 series rolls out around the world, Circle to Search, will catch on big time.

As you can see in the Sky News Weekend Edition video above – it really is as simple as circle to search. In fact, it’s even easier than that. You can just draw a line through the picture or text and Google’s AI will do the rest.

Sometimes searching is problem when you can’t adequately describe the object or scenario you see on the screen. It may be a specialty tool or product you’ve never seen before. So just drawing circle or line over it saves you a lot of trial and error. It probably ends up being a better search too.

To activate circle to search, just long press the home button and the Circle to Search will launch.

If you buy a new Galaxy S24 this week you’re good to go, just make sure your Pixel 8 is up-to-date and it should appear shortly. Since Sunday’s TV segment my Pixel 8 Pro has been updated and it works like a dream.

This is cracking feature from Google and it doesn’t matter whether you’re using an S24 or Pixel 8, once you get used to it, there’s no going back!

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