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Bulked up Canon R5 C is 8K RAW muscle



Canon’s first Full Frame, 8K Cinema EOS Camera, the R5 C, is not a typical hybrid camera. In photo mode it’s an R5 but in video mode it becomes a totally different camera.

When in video mode the stills menu is replaced by a true video interface. It’s here when you realise this is not a combo unit with a shared menu – it’s two distinct cameras in the same body. This is achieved through software and hardware changes.

The extra bulk is necessary to house a fan which allows unlimited 8K RAW recording.

And this is where it gets interesting. The R5 C records internal 8K 30p RAW up to 60p when using an external power source. You could essentially record for hours if you had enough memory cards.

The R5 C records Cinema RAW Light internally and introduced three newly developed variations of RAW, including RAW HQ (High Quality), RAW ST (Standard Quality), and RAW LT (Light Quality).

The RAW capabilities of this camera are powerful and that’s got me excited. Two card slots – a CFexpress 2.0 Type B and UHS-II SD card slot. Great news for 4K 120p recordings, you now get audio too.

Along with 12-bit Cinema RAW Light, the EOS R5 C supports Canon’s 10-bit XF-AVC format up to 810Mbps and MP4 options.

Using its full frame 8K sensor, the EOS R5 C enables 4K and Full HD recording through internal oversampling. This also facilitates recording of High Frame Rate content at 4K 120p resolution, without cropping the angle of view and maintaining auto focus functionality. 

But there are some issues that bug me. First … why no full-sized HDMI out? I actually asked this question but it’s appears it was just not important in the redesign. It’s not always possible to have a cage and clamp to lock down the mirco-HDMI cable so it’s disappointing that a bigger R5 version can’t go full-sized like Sony has done with A1.

No IBIS or in-built ND are other issues.

But there’s plenty more to like and despite those minor complaints the R5 C is a beast of a camera. It takes a Tascam XLR adapter via the multi-function shoe. There’s also a timecode port and tally light to confirm recording for talent.

So who is it for?

Video shooters who need to stills. That’s the target market. If you mostly shoot stills, get the R5.

RRP of $7,499.00 AUD. Available in Australia in March.

EOS R5 C key features: 

  • Full Frame Sensor with 8K/30p 12-bit RAW recording or 8K/60p when using an external power source

  • 45 megapixel images up to 20 fps

  • Precise Eye AF via Dual Pixel CMOS AF and intelligent face/ head tracking via EOS iTR AF X

  • A multitude of professional recording formats including three new flavours of Cinema RAW Light

  • Active cooling for longer recording times

  • Timecode Terminal

  • RF Mount with Advanced Combination IS

  • Advanced connectivity and Multi-Function Accessory Shoe



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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Phil Cartwright

    January 25, 2022 at 5:42 am

    Wow! what a game changer 8k raw continuously recording, i know there was a lot of kickback with the R5 when it was 1st released with overheating, the extra fan will hopefully sort that problem. I would like to see the outcome after a spell in a desert/heat situation. I also like the fact there’s a distinction between a still camera & video cam. I too would like to see a full HDMI port but timecode in is also a game changer for the video buffs, it’s good to see Canon coming to the party.

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