Optus 5G Remote Racing AWS Deepracer 200kms Apart

This is one of the best demos of 5G I’ve tried and I’ve tried a lot.

I was able to drive an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Deepracer in Bathurst from Optus HQ in Sydney.

To do this you need low latency, a feature of 5G.

Optus has recorded latency lows of 12 milliseconds over a 200km distance and two 5G radio systems; 5G mmWave in Sydney George Street store (powering the cockpit) and 5G standalone in Bathurst (powering the race car).

After much hype, we are finally starting to get somewhere with 5G now that mmWave is available in the wild.

Note: Apparently I broke the car’s camera that why the video ends the way it does 😉

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