Professional Virtual Studio with LED Walls is Affordable: HTC VIVE Mars CamTrack – MWC23 Report

Join me on the set as I test HTC VIVE Mars CamTrack with LED Walls.

This ‘affordable’ setup can be used with a green screen but it’s far more impressive with an LED Wall.

Small production houses can use this rig for a newsroom set, corporate presentation or live action shoot. So green screen or LED Wall? What would you choose?

Genlock, Timecode sync, and robust connections — all essential to reduce latency

Green screen is obviously cheaper but the ‘real’ interaction with light, reflection and the ‘feeling’ LED Walls provide is superior.

If you’re a presenter, you’ll really enjoy the support LED Walls give you by adding realism to the scene you’re in.

The setup in the video was located in the HTC booth at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

“The Vive Mars Cam Track takes the best elements of the HTC Vive tracking system and delivers virtual production to the next level,” Thomas Dexmier, HTC Vive ANZ – Country Manager, told Image Matrix Tech.

Thomas Dexmier, HTC Vive ANZ – Country Manager

“Compact, affordable, easy to deploy, it’s the perfect solution for indie content creators and studios to get to the next level in terms of content creation for the metaverse, for a TV set, for a newsroom, you name it.”

I think this is a great solution for TV news. If you permanent set isn’t viable, it’s far better to have a presenter standing on, and in front of, an LED Wall than a green screen.

Setup does take some work. It also takes a bit of understanding about how tracking works.

Here’s a great video demo below.

When it comes to pricing, A$8,499 will get you started with the Mars CamTrack system. You’ll need to spend more for the rest.

Thanks to BELKIN for supporting our trip to Mobile World Congress.

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