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VIDEO REVIEW: Samsung Galaxy S8



Samsung’s comeback phone is slick with a stunning screen. Image Matrix Tech Editor Djuro Sen put the Galaxy S8 to the test.

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Exclusive Preview: Samsung Lights Up Vivid with AI Inspired Display



Samsung is back at Vivid Sydney, Australia’s annual light show spectacular, with an AI inspired display that will give Instagrammers plenty of sweet content to share online. Image Matrix Tech had an exclusive preview tour last night and this is what you can expect.

Lots of Light Globes

Located in the prime position of First Fleet Park, The Rocks – the Samsung ‘Chorus of Light’ is made up of 20,000 RGB light globes hanging from 1,600 strings (cables). It’s open from 6pm tonight, every night until June 15, 2024.

AI Inspired

Chorus of Light’ is inspired by Galaxy AI. Samsung is using the event to promote to AI features introduced with the S24 range earlier this year. The display will use Galaxy AI to help with photography or as Samsung calls it, NIGHTOGRAPHY.


As you walk among the hanging lights you’ll be directed to a couple of photo ‘platforms’ where a very polite guide will take a photo for you with an S24 Ultra. They can share it with you immediately using Quick Share. This works by generating a QR Code. It’s very fast and works with iPhone too. Given the team knows how the lighting works, it’s probably better they take the shot.

The other part of the interactive journey pays homage to Vivid Sydney 2024’s theme of ‘Humanity’. Visitors are asked to record a personal message of hope for the future in one of the 16 languages available with Galaxy AI. Each attendee’s message will then be live translated and expressed as a unique light display. The visuals are made possible by by renowned international media artist, Susan Kosti.

The recorded messages will later feature in an original track produced by multi-genre Australian musician and beat maker, Ta-ku. The track will be crafted entirely from vocal samples recorded within the Chorus of Light installation and launched on Samsung’s YouTube on 12 June for the world to hear.

Great View

The other section is a massive viewing platform that allows visitors to look down on the whole display. There are Galaxy phones and staff to help you capture the scene if you want the best result. They can fit about 60 people up there while the numbers going through the hanging lights is tightly controlled.

Wait – There’s More!

At the end of the tour, visitors can scan a QR code for a chance to win a travel prize. The prize pack includes a Galaxy S24 Ultra, Galaxy Buds2 Pro, Galaxy Watch6, and a $5K travel voucher.

Opening Times

The display is open to visitors from 6pm each night at First Fleet Park in The Rocks for the duration of Vivid Sydney. Vivid Sydney runs from Friday 24 May to Saturday 15 June 2024. Plan your Vivid Sydney trip at

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Dumb Phone

It’s so Satisfying to be Dumb: Nokia’s New 3210 After a Week



The Nokia 3210 is a throwback to a time when texting was starting to take off and photos were taken by ‘real’ cameras. This is what last week was like for me with the iconic Nokia phone. The modern version of a classic body now made by HMD. And let me make it clear, I love it, despite its massive limitations.

Every week, after I finish my tech chat with Tim Gilbert on Sky News Weekend Edition, we usually share congratulatory texts. But last week there was a problem. I had no idea what Tim was communicating because I had swapped out my iPhone 15 Pro Max for refreshed Nokia 3210.

Instead of a ‘thumbs up’ or ‘fire’ emoji, I got a couple of square characters as you can see in the image below. It did frustrate me, not knowing what emoji praise Tim had fired off to me. Let’s face it, a ‘thumbs up’ is boring but a ‘fire’ or ‘fist’ emoji really gets you pumped. So I had to use my dumb phone, which had no contacts, to call Tim and find out what he sent me. I think it was a ‘love heart’ .. can’t remember.

No emojis with this dumb phone

Aside from missing out on emojis, I couldn’t take a decent photo. The camera has a basic 2MP camera on the back. It also records rudimentary video. This is the big downside to a cheap, dumb phone. We are so used to capturing the moment with excellent cameras on smartphones, it’s hard to go back. Give me a dumb phone with a great camera and we might be able to do a deal.

Having used pretty much every Nokia phone ever made, I found the 2024 update to an old classic extremely satisfying to use. Despite the issues noted earlier. I used it on-and-off for a week, with my main SIM and although fun, it was challenging. Given my job as a technology journalist and reviewer, I could not survive on a dumb phone like the 3210 alone. But I could definitely use it as a secondary device when I want long battery life (couple of days) and only need to talk or text via its dual SIM trays.

It’s also a great option for kids. Very basic with a painfully slow browser that will frustrate even the most patient of kids trying to get on Facebook. It’s comes with the classic game ‘Snake’ and more. You also get a torch on the back (which doubles as a flash) and FM radio. The speaker is also very loud but you get an old school headphone jack at the top.

I must say the 3210 feels great in the hand. As you can see side-by-side with the Samsung S24 Ultra, it’s pretty small.

Considering the design goes back to 1999, I’m impressed with the overall look and feel. HMD has clearly tapped into the nostalgia trend and I’m totally for it. In 2023 HMD saw sales of the Nokia 2660 Flip phone double. The HMD remakes are all 4G VoLTE compatible and ready to handle Australia’s modern networks. The charging port is USB-C and it has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. It’s also very snappy. So although it’s a dumb phone, it has a lot of modern features that make it more than usable in 2024.

So, when it comes to backup phones, a Nokia 3210 or one of its mates, is a no brainer.

Pricing and Availability

The Nokia 3210, 215, 225 and 235 are all available across Australia from Monday, May 13:

Nokia 3210 – RRP$129 – available in Scuba Blue, Y2K Gold and Grunge Black from JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Officeworks, Big W and Amazon (colours may vary).

Nokia 235 – RRP$109 – available in Black, Purple and Blue from JB Hi-Fi, Officeworks, Big W (online) and Amazon.

Nokia 225 – RRP$99 – available in Dark Blue and Pink from JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, Officeworks, Big W and Amazon.

Nokia 215 – RRP$79 – available in Meteor Grey and Peach from JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Amazon.Available in Meteor Grey in Telstra (online) in early June.

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Samsung Upgrades Its A-Series Galaxy Phones – A35 and A55



Samsung’s latest A-Series phones borrow some the best flagship traits to give consumers a compelling cheaper option in 2024.

Starting with the A35 you’ll pay A$549 then A$699 for the higher spec A55. Both devices come with Knox Vault security, a hardware-based security solution.

“With the Galaxy A series, we are expanding our latest technologies to a wider audience so that more people can benefit from them,” said TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile eXperience Business at Samsung Electronics.

“We are excited to open up even more possibilities on the Galaxy A series this year, including offering Samsung Knox Vault for the first time on this lineup. We’re proud to enable Galaxy A series users to safely and reliably enjoy outstanding mobile experiences.” 

Samsung Knox Vault offers protection against both hardware and software attacks by constructing an environment is physically isolated from the system’s memory.

Samsung Galaxy A55 5G

The A55 has a pretty impressive camera setup for this price-point.

  • 12MP Ultra-Wide Camera F2.2 
  • 50MP Main Camera F1.8, AF, OIS 
  • 5MP Macro Camera F2.4 
  • 32MP Front Camera F2.2 

I’ll be publishing examples late this week. I think you’ll be impressed.

Samsung Galaxy A35 5G

The A35 has a solid camera array which shares some of the A55 specs.

  • 8MP Ultra-Wide Camera F2.2
  • 50MP Main Camera F1.8, AF, OIS
  • 5MP Macro Camera F2.4
  • 13MP Front Camera F2.2

They both have a 6.6-inch FHD+  Super AMOLED Display with up to 120Hz refresh rate Vision Booster. The frame is aluminium on the A55, plastic on the A35 but the 5,000mAh battery with fast charging, is the same. You’ll find 8GB + 128GB of memory on board the A55 and 6GB + 128GB on board the A35.

The Galaxy A55 5G and Galaxy A35 5G will receive up to four generations of Android OS and One UI upgrades and five years of security updates.

Pricing and Availability:

The new Galaxy A55 5G and A35 5G will be available to purchase from 25th March from the Samsung Online Store and retail partners for A$699 and A$549, respectively. The Galaxy A55 5G will come in Awesome Navy and Awesome Lilac, while the Galaxy A35 5G will be available in Awesome Navy and Awesome Ice Blue. 

Users who purchase the Galaxy A55 5G from the Samsung Online Store before the 15th April will also receive a bonus pair of Galaxy Buds FE in the same transaction.

Galaxy A35 5G customers will receive $100 off their purchase from the Samsung Online Store until the 15th April.

With the purchase of either of the new A series devices, customers will also be offered a $100 bonus with trade-in for a limited time.

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