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Roborock Q5 Pro Series Robot Vacuum Now Available in Australia and New Zealand



Roborock has given its entry level/mid-range options a boost with the release of the Q5 Pro Series robot vacuum in Australia and New Zealand.

The Q5 Pro Series receives some of Roborock’s most advanced features, including its DuoRoller Brush system for improved hair-pickup rate, 5,500Pa suction and LiDAR navigation. There are two models, the standalone Q5 Pro, and the Q5 Pro+ which comes with an auto-emptying dock. The Q5 Pro retails for A$699 while the pricing for the Q5 Pro+ will be announced soon.

“Roborock products aims to bring the most powerful cleaning solution to an everyday smart home. By implementing our most powerful technology into our full suite of floor cleaners, customers will experience the simplest and most flexible home maintenance that they always love from a Roborock product,” said Richard Chang, Founder and CEO of Roborock.

Roborock says the DuoRoller Brush system reduces hair tangles and picks up 20% more hair from carpets. Combined that with a suction power of 5,500Pa and you’ll get a pretty good performance when it comes to removing dirt and pet hair on all floor types.

Q5 Pro has LiDAR based navigation and the app has smart suggestions for No-Go zones, fast cleaning, and clean along floor directions improve cleaning efficiency and save time for the user.

The Q5 Pro has simultaneous vacuum and mop capabilities. The Q5 Pro+ gives the user a toal hands-free experience with the RockDock Plus auto-emptying station.

The E-12 rated dust bags store up to 7 weeks of dust.

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