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Samsung’s S24 Instant Super Slow Motion is Mind Blowing



The instant slow motion feature in the new Samsung S24 Series is unbelievably good. Until I tried it, I didn’t believe it would actually work. Now I’m a believer.

When we shoot a video on most phones, we are shooting at 30 or 60 frames per second. If you shoot at 60-fps, then play it back at 30-fps, you’ll get a nice slow motion result. Essentially, you’re seeing all those frames, stretched over a longer timeline.

Reducing to 1/8x speed is ridiculously easy

But what happens if you don’t have a enough frames for slow motion? Video editing software like Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve will either add extra frames at a basic level with poor results.

Optical flow will fill the gaps in an intelligent way for a more realistic slow mo result. But for the most part it does a rubbish job.

New AI programs can pull off amazing results and that’s what Samsung has done with its Instant Slow Motion.

In the examples shown in the Sky News segment above and images embedded in this story, you can see for yourself how well the function performs. The source videos are shot in 4K/60fps to give the S24 the best chance at producing a pleasing slow mo.

Using frame interpolation, the AI powered S24 gives incredibly realistic super slow motion from any video. That’s right, any video. You don’t have to shoot the video on the S24 to get this slow mo feature.

In fact, Instant Slow Motion works on all three versions of the S24 Series.


Just like the latest Pixel phones, Samsung can delete objects and people to ‘clean up’ your image.

Get rid of distracting objects instantly

You can also use Generative AI to fill in the background of images in the photo app. This means you don’t need to launch Photoshop on a PC to do the same job.

The 10x optical zoom in the S23 Ultra has been reduced to 5x in the S24 Ultra. This isn’t a step backwards, the new zoom is better than the older one. That’s because the 5x optical lens is sitting on 50MP sensor. The previous 10x lens was connected to a 10MP sensor. Big difference.

I’m pleased to report that my testing thus far, has proved the new 5x/50MP combo, is better.

10x zoom comparison: Despite a 5x optical lens the S24 Ultra beats the 10x optical S23 Ultra

Stay tuned for more testing of this feature and many more before the S24 goes on sale in February.

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