Sony a9 4K Video – Las Vegas at Night

I’ve been using the Sony a9 since its release and I love it.

It’s an incredible camera.It’s converted me to mirrorless for stills.

But I also shoot a heap of video with it.

While not its primary function, when you nail it, the vision is pretty damn good.

When I was in Las Vegas last week I took it for a lap on a Crane 2 gimbal near midnight.

The low noise levels are impressive but the highlights and lows can get lost, especially with the challenging range of Vegas lights.

The basic settings are 4K, 25p, ISO 100 to 1000.

Recorded internally with no external monitor.

There has been no correction applied in the edit.

Essentially if you don’t get it right on the night you won’t have much leeway when it comes to corrections.

Not a bad thing when it comes to shooting video.

Now this was a rough and ready shoot but interested what you guys think.

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