SOUNDBOKS GO REVIEW: It’s loud but is it good?

If you’re looking for a portable bluetooth speaker to kick-off the holidays with a bang, look no further than the Soundboks Go. It’s incredibly loud, tough, smart and portable. Join me as we pump up the volume to hear if this is the BT speaker to rule all pool parties.

Weighing in at 9.2 kilos (20 pounds) this speaker is pretty easy to move around. It’s a fantastic design. I really love the front grille which protects a 10 inch woofer and 1 inch silk dome tweeter. There’s a handle strap and the top – ID number on one side and thankfully – a 3.5mm stereo input on the other side. 

On the back there’s a recess for the battery. Even though I’ve never come close to running out of power (rated for 80 hours of playtime) having a replaceable battery is always gets a big thumbs up for me.

To power on – just push and hold the volume dial which is suitably nice and chunky. And yes the volume goes to 11. The other buttons activate the multi speaker line. 

The challenge for these types of speakers is producing music with detail. Despite loudness being the main selling point (121 dB) there’s some nice detail in there. 

It can do all this thanks to two 72-watt continuous class D amplifiers – the effective frequency range is 40Hz – 20kHz. Of course if you want more sound .. you can Wirelessly link up to 5 SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) and Go speakers.  The Spingboks Go is all about power audio – no flashing RGBs. It’s IP65 rated .. so the beach or pool is fine as long as it doesn’t take a dip.

The Soundboks app allows you to use custom sounds profiles, team up with other speakers and tune into live performances. 


Just for laughs I connected it to a 75 inch 8K Samsung TV and I was blown away by the result. Audio was in sync and the dynamic range of the speaker was more than enough to capture the highs, mids and lows of a television show or movie. If you get one, try it out.

In Australia the Soundboks Go will set you back $1099 AUD.


Merus Audio eximo® amp switching

2 × 72 Watt continuous – Class D amplifiers

1 × 10” woofer

1 × 1” silk dome tweeter

Effective frequency range: 40Hz – 20kHz

Custom sound profiles for different use cases

SOUNDBOKS Bass enhancer to boost bass and loudness (121 dB)

Bluetooth 5.0

TeamUP connection (SKAA)

Wirelessly link up to 5 SOUNDBOKS (Gen. 3) and Go speakers

1 × 3.5mm Stereo Input

459 × 316 × 266 mm

9.2 kg (20 lbs)

ABS + Polycarbonate cabinet and grill

Silicone Rubber extruded protecting bumper

TPE handle

Built-in reinforced top hat

Built-in front grill

Polyester strap

IP65 rated electronics coating

Loop strap

Volume control

Host/Join mode for TeamUp

Power On/Off

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