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Spider-Man 2 Arrives on PS5 October 20



Spider-Man on Playstation is one of the most satisfying executions of physics in a gaming environment. I was there for the launch of the first Insomniac Games edition in 2018 (video below) and now I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on PS5 October 20th, 2023.

Made completely for the all powerful PS5, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will produce better visuals, faster web swinging (and web wings), 3D Audio, and near-instant character switching.

Following Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2018 and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales in 2020, Spider-Man 2 is the third edition from Insomniac Games.

Spider-Man .. where it all started

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, players will get to experience Marvel’s New York as both Peter Parker and Miles Morales. As seen in the PlayStation Showcase last month – the main storyline of the game will have you take control of both Spider-Men at different points of the campaign. In the open world, players will be able to switch nearly instantly between them as you explore Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. Both Spider-Men have stories and missions in the world exclusive to each of them.

As you can see from the box art, Peter and Miles are both key protagonists in our story. The iconic red background returns, but darkness surrounds as fan-favourite villains like Venom, Lizard, and Kraven threaten them and Marvel’s New York. Players will also notice that each character’s arm represents their new abilities: Peter with the symbiote, Miles with his evolved bioelectric Venom powers.

In addition to the launch date, there are several editions announced for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Pre-orders will open on June 16th, 2023 at all participating retailers and PlayStation Store. Pre-Orders will go live at 10:00 AM local time on June 16, 2023.

For full information on the available editions (Standard, Digital Deluxe, Collector’s Edition) and pre-order details/incentives, visit the PlayStation Blog.

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