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Surprise Hit: Consumers Reward LG for Innovative StanbyME TV



Now that LG’s 2024 TV has range has been confirmed – the question is, “which models will sell fast?” The obvious answer is the C4 OLED. It’s priced for value and quality and it sold incredible well last year as the C3. I loved it and it was one of my best value TVs of the year.

But as I revealed to Tim Gilbert on Sky News in the video above – what you might find surprising – a quirky TV was actually one of LG’s most successful and it’s back again this year with a variant.

I’m talking about the LG StanbyME 27 inch Portable Smart Touch Screen TV. Thanks to 5 wheels hidden in the base with a battery, StanbyME is a roving TV that will last three hours before needing a recharge. As long as you’re online you can watch live TV anywhere via the built-in apps. You can also watch offline as it has HDMI and USB inputs. You can also leave it plugged into power.

Never miss a ball with StanbyME TV

“Our StanbyME TV, we brought into market around about November, December last year, and it sold out so quickly,” Tony Brown, Marketing Manager for Home Entertainment at LG Electronics Australia,” told Image Matix Tech.

“We’ve been looking to get more supply. We know that Australians love innovative products, and it’s really hit a sweet spot there. So we think it’s going to be a big success in 2024.”

There’s also a Bluetooth speaker that’s available in Australia this year. It’s designed to match the look and format of the portable StanbyME TV. It’s not a high quality panel but that’s not what you are paying for .. it’s all about the portability. It does have a nice matte finish so it handles reflection well.

StanbyME TV with Bluetooth Speaker attached

But that’s not all in the LG innovation department.

“And we’re bringing in later in the year a similar model, but it actually goes into a suitcase so you can take it away with you camping,” added Brown. 

It’s called StanbyME Go.

Essentially, it’s a TV in a briefcase. It has built-in battery, screen protection and speakers. You can open it up and watch movies or TV shows anywhere and the battery will give you around 3-hours of use.

StanbyME Go

In Table Mode, it becomes a digital boardgame or turntable device. I think this will be another successful product for LG when it goes on sale later in the year.

The other innovative TV coming to Australia this year is the M4.

It’s a new version of LG’s wireless 4K TV with all the benefits of the G4. It made for an impressive sight at the launch venue. A separate control box sends the video signal to the screen without a cable. The only connection to the screen is a power lead.

“So that product will be priced at about $2,000 more than our flagship G4 panel,” said Brown.

“But the $2,000 gives you the freedom of putting the brains and the processor of the TV anywhere you want in your house. So you can hang the TV from a wall or put it anywhere not constrained by wires.”


The other big difference between the G4/M4 flagship models and the rest, is brightness.

The flagship M4 is available in the following sizes.

OLED97M4 TBA June 
OLED83M4 TBA June 
OLED77M4 TBA June 

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