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The Future of TV Sneak Peek: Samsung’s The Wall



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Vodafone Offers 6 Months of BINGE Access with Hubbl



Vodafone has partnered with streaming aggregator Hubbl to provide a streaming device and six months access to BINGE.

It’s the first Australian telco to make Hubbl available to its customers.  (Read more about Hubbl here)

“By connecting our customers to a premium entertainment experience with Vodafone’s great value broadband, we are setting a new standard for what Australians can expect from their home entertainment setup,” said Kieren Cooney, Vodafone Group Executive, Consumer.

To celebrate the launch of Hubbl with Vodafone, customers will receive six months of BINGE Standard included on NBN and Home Internet plans. This happens when they include the Hubbl device to their plan at $4.12 month over 24 months which is $99 in total. 

Vodafone is also offering three months of BINGE Standard to all new and upgrading postpaid mobile customers. 

“Hubbl is a unique product that simplifies the TV and streaming experience, so you spend less time searching for something to watch and more time enjoying the content you love. We’re excited to partner with Vodafone to get customers Hubbl’n through this special deal,” said Dani Simpson, Executive Director, Hubbl. 

“With 16 paid and free apps available on Hubbl and more to come, there is nothing like the world of entertainment Hubbl unlocks.” 

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Sony’s 2024 TV Lineup: How to Pick the Right Model



If you’re in the market for a 2024 Sony television, we’ve got all the models, prices and expert buying advice right here at Image Matrix Tech.

Sony simplified its naming convention this year under the BRAVIA brand. This makes it far easier to search for a TV that’s right for you. And to be frank, it also means I have to remember fewer letters and numbers when doing live television.

In the video above Sony’s Dan Kennedy explains the deferences between the models.

This is the 2024 Sony TV lineup from the top down with availability status.

BRAVIA 9 Mini LED: Available July

85″ BRAVIA 9 A$7,812

75″ BRAVIA 9 A$6,852

BRAVIA 8 OLED: Available July

77″ BRAVIA 8 A$6,995

65″ BRAVIA 8 A$3,954

55″ BRAVIA 8 A$2,963


BRAVIA 7 Mini LED: Available Now

85″ BRAVIA 7 A$4,294

75″ BRAVIA 7 A$3,635

65″ BRAVIA 7 $2,875

55″ BRAVIA 7 A$2,394

BRAVIA 3 LED: Available Now

85″ BRAVIA 3 A$2,847

75″ BRAVIA 3 A$1,935

65″ BRAVIA 3 A$1,464 (deal)

50″ BRAVIA 3 A$934

43″ BRAVIA 3 $864

So if you’re looking for a new Sony TV before the end of financial year, the BRAVIA 3 and BRAVIA 7 models are your options.

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Yes! Sony Simplifies TV Naming Convention Under BRAVIA Brand



One of the most frustrating issues with technology, especially TV models, is the ridiculously overcomplicated naming conventions that lead to long, hard to remember names. Sony has decided to change that with its 2024 TV line-up, announced overnight. But you’ll still need guidance from trusted reviewers – like us – for clarity on the technology behind each model.

The iconic TV brand decided against revealing its TV catalogue at CES in January. And for Sony fans, the wait has been worth it. There were plenty of clues about what to expect, so the mini-LED news isn’t a surprise but to actually see it announced is extremely exciting.

Sony says by unifying TVs, soundbars and other home audio technologies under a single brand, its customers have a “one-stop destination” for their AV needs.

Sony will release several TV models across 4 series under the BRAVIA name, starting with the BRAVIA 9 flagship. This is not an OLED TV. The BRAVIA 9 uses Sony’s new mini-LED backlighting technology. This technology delivers more granular control over dimming zones and insane levels of brightness. The BRAVIA 9 can reach 4,000 nits at its brightest. That.. is unbelievable for a consumer TV.

Sony has essentially made a TV that can compete with the best OLEDs out there, including its own.

“We’re excited to launch the new BRAVIA TV and BRAVIA Theatre home audio products that usher in new exciting features, elevating the way you can watch films at home to new heights” said Kei Tsuru, Head of Home Entertainment, Sony Australia.

“Building on the decades of operating at the heart of the professional film production
equipment development as well as film production and distribution, Sony is in a unique
position that allows it to utilise its unparalleled film industry, professional equipment, and
consumer electronics experience with its pioneering BRAVIA TVs and BRAVIA Theatre
home audio devices”

The new BRAVIA 7 and 3 will be available in Australia from May 2024, while the new
BRAVIA 9 and 8 will be available in Australia from July 2024.

Sony TVs are sold at a premium price so don’t expect any bargains – yet. But when it comes to quality .. Sony is still the one and only.

BRAVIA 9 Mini LED – Available in 85” & 75”

BRAVIA 8 OLED – Available in 77”, 65” & 55”

BRAVIA 7 Mini LED – Available in 85”, 75”, 65” & 55”

BRAVIA 3 LED – Available in 85”, 75”, 65”, 55”, 50” & 43”

Recommended retail prices will be released at a later date.

The new BRAVIA Theatre Quad, Theatre Bar 9 & 8 and BRAVIA Theatre U  will be available in Australia from July 2024.

BRAVIA Theatre Quad SRP: A$3,699.00 

Theatre Bar 9 SRP: A$1,799.00 

Theatre Bar 8 SRP: A$1,499.00 

BRAVIA Theatre U SRP: A$499.00 


XR Processor
Sony’s XR Processor features a scene recognition system that detects and analyses data
with high accuracy, and then optimises the picture for ultimate realism to reproduce a
cinema creator’s intention.

Available in BRAVIA 9, 8 and 7.

XR Backlight Master Drive
Like the backlight control technology in Sony’s professional monitors used by filmmakers,
XR Backlight Master Drive with a unique local dimming algorithm precisely controls thousands of LEDs for truly authentic contrast to preserve shadow detail in the most
demanding scenes.

There is approximately 325% more dimming zones than in the 2023 X95L model.

Available in BRAVIA 9 and 7.

Peak Luminance
Up to approximately 50% brighter than the 2023 X95L model

Available in BRAVIA 9

X-Anti Reflection and X-Wide Angle
X-Anti Reflection cuts down on reflection and glare which can be a major distraction in big, bright Australian homes. X-Wide Angle keeps pictures looking colourful and bright when viewing off centre.

Available in BRAVIA 9.

Acoustic Multi-Audio
New BRAVIA 9 TVs feature Acoustic Multi-Audio+ and are the world’s first 6 with Beam
Tweeter at the top and Frame Tweeter at the sides to deliver cinematic surround sound.

Voice Zoom 3
Sony’s new Voice Zoom 3 recognises human dialogue through AI algorithms and amplifies
or reduces its volume so even small dialogue sounds loud and clear.

Voice Zoom 3

Acoustic Centre Sync
Acoustic Centre Sync integrates your sound system such as a soundbar with the TV. This will match movement on screen with the audio.

Settings for Voice Zoom 3, Acoustic Centre Sync, BRAVIA Theatre audio products
connected to BRAVIA, and other TV features can now be operated using the BRAVIA
Connect App (formerly Home Entertainment Connect App) without displaying the menu bar
on the TV screen while watching a movie.

Calibrated Modes

BRAVIA is equipped with Studio Calibrated modes that reproduce the film in the way the creators intended it to be viewed.

In addition to the existing established Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode and SONY PICTURES CORE (formerly BRAVIA CORE).

Calibrated Mode, Prime Video Calibrated Mode is a new mode designed to provide
customers with even more ways to experience premium entertainment through the lens of
the creator.

With Prime Video Calibrated Mode, customers can enjoy optimum picture quality
that is automatically calibrated across movies, series, and for the first time, live sports.

Studio Calibrated modes

  • Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode
  • SONY PICTURES CORE Calibrated Mode (formerly BRAVIA CORE Calibrated
  • Mode)
  • Brand new Prime Video Calibrated Mode

BRAVIA TVs and BRAVIA Theatre home audio products are compatible with IMAX
Enhanced. They have been certified by IMAX and DTS.

SONY PICTURES CORE will introduce selected series from Crunchyroll – a streaming service focused on anime. This will add a host of Crunchyroll anime series to customers with an included streaming package.

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