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Image Matrix Tech on Sky News: Will Apple Unveil a Mixed Reality Headset at WWDC?



In Sunday’s segment on Sky News Australia (Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert) we looked ahead to Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference and the prospect of a mixed reality headset being part of the keynote.

Apple is expected to unveil its long-awaited VR/AR headset 3am Tuesday 6th June (Sydney time). Could it be the kickstart that VR needs to finally go mainstream?

Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset could look similar to HTC Vive models

‘Reality Pro” is the suspected name and it may be for pros only first. Hi-res displays could be the knockout feature and it would take on a look closer to HTC’s Vive XR Elite headset rather than Meta’s Quest models. 

Mark Zuckerberg’s Friday announcement of the Quest 3 – timed to coincide with WWDC no doubt. They have added serious Augmented Reality to this model – so you can play games or work in your real home or office environment.  

Meta Quest 3 announced just before WWDC23

It’s coming soon .. starting from A$829.99

But the big news is hopefully going to be Apple’s long awaited mixed reality glasses. 


Watch Privacy Lost here

It’s a clever film – that’s very short – but it makes a good point about AI and Mixed Reality headsets. 

A short film entitled PRIVACY LOST was released at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Silicon Valley, California, yesterday. Highlights the dangers of AI-powered mixed reality. It is now freely available online.

  • The film depicts how AI-powered immersive technologies could threaten our privacy in dangerous new ways and enable new forms of emotional and behavioural manipulation.
  • The film’s producers call for regulation that protects our emotional privacy and bans real-time manipulation by AI generated conversational spokespeople.

PRIVACY LOST is a short film about our augmented future and the very real dangers headed our way. Developed with support from Minderoo Pictures, the Responsible Metaverse Alliance, and the XR Guild, it aims to educate the public and policymakers about the emerging risks.   

The film was written & produced by Dr. Louis Rosenberg, an early VR researcher who developed the first mixed reality system at Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) three decades ago and is now a vocal advocate for regulation. The film was shot at HeadQ Productions, a virtual studio outside Amsterdam led by Director and Producer, Peter Stoel.

AI-powered immersive technologies could threaten our privacy

As depicted in the film, mixed reality devices use powerful sensors to process facial expressions and track real-time emotions. This emotional data is not only a threat to user privacy but could also be used to manipulate users in real-time through AI-powered interactive influence.

The Responsible Metaverse Alliance (RMA) is a social enterprise and international movement dedicated to supporting the development of the metaverse, and virtual worlds, so that they are handled responsibly from a perspective of design, deployment, safety, culture, inclusion, operations and function. The RMA has a focus on working with politicians, government officials, regulators and policy makers internationally, to support them in addressing potential harms of the metaverse.


Roger Federer has created history as the latest voice artist to give directions on navigation app – WAZE. The retired tennis star can offer directions in English, French, or German and is the first person to record custom navigation in three different languages according to WAZE.

Roger Federer records navigation instructions in English, French and German for Waze.

Having tried it – it’s very soothing to have the 20-time major winner telling you where to go.  Nothing like a good backhander while driving … 

WAZE is popular because it uses real time feedback from users about traffic conditions. 

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