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Laser’s ChargeCore Power Bank Will Solve Your Smartwatch Recharge Problems



I think the Apple Watch is a wonderful piece of technology. I absolutely love it. But like all portable tech, keeping it charged can be a challenge. It’s especially important now with the extra benefits you get from sleep tracking data.

There are many portable smartwatch chargers out there but the Laser ChargeCore Keyring Power Bank is just perfect for me. I stumbled across it while searching for something else on Laser’s website.

As I said on Sky News Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert in the video above, it can be hard to lock down a time to recharge your watch if you’re out and about all day. A portable smartwatch charger is a good idea but only if the form factor means it’s easy to carry. Fortunately this keyring model takes care of that issue.

Only last week I took a flight to Melbourne for the F1 Grand Prix but my Apple Watch was flat. Thanks to the ChargeCore I was back up and running during the flight. It says on the box that it’s good for two to three full recharge cycles and I found that to be the case.

Inside the charger you’ll find a 1,000 mAh battery with a power output of 3 watts. The charger is recharged via USB-C cable. Please note – you can’t charge another device via this port.

Initially I thought it would be too big to travel with but I found it takes up about the same amount of space as my car key.

The great news is there’s a version for Galaxy Watch too. Both are priced at A$59.95.



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