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FIRST LOOK: Skylight 15-inch Digital Photo Frame Launches in Australia



The Skylight 15-inch Digital Frame holds up to 8000 images, is super-simple to setup and operate. After loading using WI-FI, it can also work offline. It is the ideal Christmas gift for friends and family. It’s possible to preload your favourite photos without ever unboxing Skylight. When the recipient plugs in, they will immediately enjoy the images. That’s pretty good. Apart from displaying pictures, the frame plays videos, creates montages, summarises monthly memories, and even allows interactivity via messages.

I’m shooting a longer review but here are my initial impressions on Sky News Weekend Edition with Tim Gilbert.

Watch Djuro Sen run through the features of the Skylight 15-inch Digital Photo Frame

The setup experience goes a long way in selling this product. The 1920×1080 IPS screen quality is good but I’m used to seeing high-end 4K OLED displays at my place so it’s something I can’t help but be pretty critical about. Most people will be more than happy with it and after a few hours I am too. But .. I’d really love to see a 15-inch 4K OLED version .. please Skylight.

The best thing about the Skylight Displays is the photo loading process. They really have made it easy for people who are not technically savvy to operate this device. You can upload images remotely via email or the Skylight app. This takes the pain out of gifting this photo frame to grandparents etc.

The only physical effort required is attaching the beefy stand with a Phillips head screwdriver. It can also be wall-mounted and the images auto-rotate to match the position. All the equipment comes in the box (aside from the screwdriver). A classic white border means the frame will look good in any home.

The display is a touch screen so you can easily access all of the settings like brightness, shot duration and sleep mode. Users can zoom, crop and curate albums to create different experiences. Those with a subscription can further enhance the interactive experience by creating comments and using emojis over the images. 

Skylight’s frames are Amazon’s best-selling brand of digital photo frames. They’ve sold 1 million units and connect a community of over 5 million people globally. 

“Our mission at Skylight is to connect loved ones. Given Australia’s size and the distances between many families, we are proud that our product is able to help bring tens of thousands of Australians closer,” says Michael Segal, Founder & CEO of Skylight. 

“The holiday season, synonymous with memories, family and friends, is the perfect backdrop for our 15-inch Frame debut in the country.”

I’ve been using digital photo frames on-and-off for more than twenty years, even made my own, but at some point they ended up on the scrapheap. Thankfully, I don’t think Skylight’s latest model will suffer the same fate.

It gets a big thumbs up from me but if you’re still uncertain, wait for my review video next week which will also show the full feature list in action.

The Skylight Digital Frame is available now from Skylight’s website or Amazon Australia for A$399.00.

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